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Textures for Journals, Books and Albums
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Texture can be both visual and
physical effects.
The use of both can give a sense of personality to a design, or utilized to create emphasis, rhythm, contrast.

Leather types and finishes, paper, embossing, watercolour or embossed papers and fittings are physical textures.

The natural leather textures vary
so every piece
I make is
truly unique.

Other physical textures are watercolour papers that come in a large variety of deckled,
embosssed, ribbed, and flat softer textures.
See our papers page••>
Stitching and patchwork add their own unique effects and finishes

Visual textural effects are 2 dimensional creating the illusion of texture.  
Photography, drawings and paintings use visual texture both to portray their subject matter realistically and with interpretation. Texture in these media are generally created by the repetition of shape and line.

Crocodile skin inserts by DB Collection
Stripes of leather texture effect - DB Collection
Visual texture effects with leather strips - DB Collection
Ostritch hide inserts in striking blue - DB Collection
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