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Leather Colours and Textures
Every pelt is different and has its own unique look and feel.
Leather colours and textures can help shape the style of the products that I design; similarly as the use of a clients special photo can point me I a certain design direction.
Leather is wonderful to work with, it has many endearing qualities.
I subtly persuade the varying pelts and create beautiful and unique leather pieces, drawing on my knowledge of what leather will and won’t do.

Exotic ostrich, snake, crocodlie, and kangaroo feature panels can be incorporated into a design matched with a cow or sheep hide. Some leathers have an aged look whilst others are highly glossed, there are many wonderful colours and textures to chose from.

Crocodile skin inserts by DB Collection
Stripes of leather texture effect - DB Collection
Unusual visual texture effects - DB Collection
Ostritch hide inserts in striking blue - DB Collection
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