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About Kim
In my "creative space" I can reproduce for you designs that will make your Book, Journal or Album very special.
Virgo's are very precise so getting things just right is high priority.
The quality and workmanship I put into my bags, books, journals and albums is very high quality - I want the products I make for you to have that "wow" factor, to be tactile and beautiful, functional and personal.

Every piece has a personal meaning to me and I want to make it "special" for you as well.
I am sharing with you a peek into my work shop with my bench, my tools, the lovely leathers and papers I collect, and some of the things I make and work on that may not be in our gallery but are just as interesting to me.

So why do I do this? Well I enjoy it - it's my creative self being unleashed. I love seeing the projects come and go, allowing me to indulge my creative side. Yes, I drive the family to distraction with my endless mutterings about leather and paper and binding styles.
It's my passion.

My work bench - DB Collection
Stripes of leather texture effect - DB Collection
Leather bags on show - DB Collection
Archival oils - DB Collection
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